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Short Experimental Film • 13 min 47 sec
Year: 2014 • Production Location: Belgium

Multilingual • Color • Aspect Ratio 16:9 • Stereo


The story is about how you wait all your life for something good to happen to you or for someone to come as your savior, and you just wait and wait for it, hoping it will come eventually. 
The film is an attempt to portray life, death and the outlook of hope in the context of waiting. It is a multilingual film that also suggests the sense of isolation and alienation in a chaotic globalized world and is intended to be watched without any subtitles to fulfill its purpose. The routine and banal dialogs also express the futility of meaningful communication in modern society.


Director & Editor: Ali Baharlou

Director of Photography: Jörn Wilting

Sound: Oleg Danilov, Fred Becker

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