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Blind Choice

Video Installation • 23 Minutes

Year: 2014 • Color • Stereo

Edited from "Blind Chance" directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski (1987)

WITEK is a medical student who is leaving his town and is late for his train. His future path will be examined by whether or not he will catch the train he is running for. Through three possible parallel storylines, Witek experiences his possible futures. In this way the film Blind Chance (Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1987) shows how simple, unimportant and sometimes irrelevant choices can change the protagonist’s life and the path of the narrative.

In the film although the storylines do get branched to three separate ways by the fact that whether Witek can catch his train or not, the real branching and multiple paths start with an unimportant and much simpler interaction; the interaction Witek has while he is running to catch the train with a man holding a beer glass blocking his way. The way Witek interacts with this environmental element and barrier and the way he passes by this man changes his destiny; a simple unconscious act. The setting of my video installation "Blind Choice" includes a projection of three storylines and three chairs with three headsets on them. Audience can approach, sit and pick up a headset and so the narrative will change for the audience with a simple choice.

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